private schools

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Alberta offers more school choice than any other province

The province has the highest percentage of students enrolled in homeschooling in the country.

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Ontario should privatize Catholic schools and increase choice for parents

In Manitoba and B.C., Catholic schools are eligible for up to 50 per cent of the operational funding allotted to public schools.

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Toronto admissions fiasco underscores need for school choice

The school board is obsessed with categorizing students by race, gender identity and sexual orientation.

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More Canadian families choosing independent schools

Independent schools offer a variety of pedagogical and curricular approaches.

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An increasing share of Saskatchewan students attend independent schools for their K-12 education.

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Compared to 2000-01, nearly 11,000 more students attended an independent school in Alberta in 2014-15.

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Nearly 20,000 additional students now attend an independent school in Ontario compared to 2000-01.