property taxes

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Toronto should reduce spending before raising taxes on homeowners

Salaries for municipal government staff in Toronto were an estimated 11.2 per cent higher than private-sector rates.

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Tax discrepancies hurt renters in major Canadian cities

Rental developers must factor property tax rates into their feasibility projections.

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Perverse incentives may help erode housing affordability

Rising incomes and low interest rates have generated tremendous demand for housing across the country.

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Queen’s Park postponing property tax reform today could hurt businesses tomorrow

Businesses large and small face disproportionate property tax rates for the foreseeable future.

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Despite residential hike, Vancouver businesses still disproportionately shoulder property tax burden
In 2019, businesses paid a 0.427 per cent property tax compared to 0.134 per cent for homeowners.

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Montreal retail woes underscore need for property tax reform

Approximately 15 per cent of Montreal's street-level retail spaces are vacant.

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Property tax imbalance erodes political accountability, discourages business investment

The growth of capital investment in Canada slowed substantially from 2005 to 2018 compared to earlier periods.