public compensation

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Ontario government should understand wage premium enjoyed by public-sector workers

Government workers in Ontario enjoy a 10.9 per cent wage premium compared to similar private-sector workers.

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Government workers in Quebec enjoy pay premium over private-sector counterparts

Full-time government workers in the province took more time off for personal reasons than their private-sector counterparts.

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Ford government should consult the data amid calls for government pay increases

Government workers in Ontario retire 2.5 years earlier (on average) than those in the private sector.

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P.E.I. government should target government wages to save money

Private-sector workers in the province are more likely to lose their jobs in any given year than government workers.

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Kenney has no choice—he must tackle government compensation

Of the Alberta government's $54.3 billion in total spending, 50 per cent was on wages and benefits for government workers.

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With right approach, Ford government can stop Ontario’s fiscal roller-coaster

Government workers in Ontario receive higher wages and more generous benefits than similar workers in the private sector.

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Trudeau government must rein in compensation for government workers

Government workers receive 9.4 per cent more, on average, in wages than Canadians in the private sector.