public school teachers

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More parental involvement in Alberta schools will benefit students

Teachers should leave their personal political views at home and focus on educating students.

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Numbers don’t lie—Saskatchewan kids can’t afford a teacher strike

The province's students dropped 22 points in science, 38 points in math and 21 points in reading.

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Schools must allow teachers to regain control of their classrooms

Teacher unions appear more interested in pushing woke ideology and social justice activism.

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Teachers should prioritize teaching over union activism

In Canada's government-run schools, union membership is mandatory.

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Training teachers—education courses are basically useless

It makes sense to create an alternative certification process that focuses on classroom practicum.

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Woke ideology destroying diversity of thought in schools

In a public statement, Richard Bilkszto's family blamed his death on how he was treated by the Toronto school board.

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Provinces should fast-track teacher certification

University programs for prospective teachers are filled with useless courses that often focus on woke propaganda.

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Useless classroom fads turn students into guinea pigs

The B.C. government recently revamped its provincial curriculum to reflect a "student-centred" approach.

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Teacher unions should push for positive change in the classroom

Teachers are currently compensated based on only two criteria—years of university and years of experience.