revenue neutral

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Trudeau government carbon tax plan rife with problems

For carbon pricing to be efficient and economically benign, it must be emplaced in lieu of regulations.

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Study assumes the new carbon tax will shift the tax burden from households to businesses without putting businesses at a competitive disadvantage.

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The theoretical or “ideal” carbon-pricing system has never been implemented.

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According to the PBO, provincial cooperation with the federal carbon floor may reduce the size of Canada's economy by 0.5 per cent in 2020.

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Canada’s carbon pricing, bait and switch

It seems that governments in Canada have no intention of getting carbon pricing right.

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Realities of carbon pricing in Canada and beyond
The introduction of a carbon price must replace, not be in addition to, existing regulations.

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British Columbians still on track to experience $599 million net tax hike from 2013/14 to 2016/17.

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B.C.’s budget - an opportunity to make the carbon tax revenue neutral again
A carbon tax means B.C. residents pay more to heat their homes, fuel their cars, etc.

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B.C.’s carbon tax not the ‘gold standard’ it’s made out to be
The carbon tax may result in a cumulative $865 million tax increase on British Columbians over six years.