sales taxes

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Toronto’s proposed sales tax is a cautionary tale for all Canadians

Irresponsible spending and borrowing leads to tax increases today or in the future.

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The bottom half of earners in Canada earn 22 per cent of all income yet pay only 15 per cent of all taxes.

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In a recent study, we tracked the total tax bill of the average Canadian family from 1961 to 2015.

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This spring’s mail-in plebiscite will essentially ask Metro Vancouver voters if they’re willing to pay $250 million more in sales taxes each year to fund the $7.5 billion expanded transit system proposed by a council of the region’s mayors.

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April 1st is an important day for British Columbians and we're not referring to the Easter long weekend. On that day BC officially scraps the HST and in one fell swoop restores the old Provincial Sales Tax system.

But moving back to the PST will cause harm to the provincial economy and BC families will lose out on the increased prosperity and jobs that the HST would have encouraged. Since our province will be poorer with the PST, it falls on our political leaders to take action to lessen the impact.