saskatchewan budget

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Saskatchewan’s free-spending budget includes $273 million deficit

The province's net debt will reach a projected $16.3 billion in 2024/25.

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Saskatchewan’s surprise deficit should serve as warning for Alberta

The provincial government revised its $1.0 billion projected budget surplus to a $250.5 million projected deficit.

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Saskatchewan records budget surplus but remains on resource revenue roller-coaster

Per-person spending will reach $14,790 in 2023/24—an increase of about 5 per cent from 2019/20.

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Saskatchewan government must resist urge to spend windfall

The province eliminated its rainy-day account in 2007/08.

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There’s a better way to send cheques to Saskatchewanians

The province's per-person spending increased from roughly $10,029 in 2005/06 to $13,831 in 2015/16.

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Economic prosperity is clearly not a priority. That was the central message from Wednesday’s provincial budget and precisely the reason young, educated, and skilled, Saskatchewanians continue to leave the province. Instead of focusing on economic growth with rising incomes, employment growth, and increased investment, the government chose to make Saskatchewan even more uncompetitive by raising taxes.