trans mountain pipeline

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Government red tape may strangle another major natural resource opportunity

The Ring of Fire is an area in northern Ontario some 500 kilometres northeast of Thunder Bay. 

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TMX pipeline demonstrates dire need for regulatory reform

The project's estimated cost has ballooned from $5.4 billion to almost $31 billion.

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Soaring pipeline price tag underscores problems with government-run projects

The Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion's cost has increased from $7.4 billion to $21.4 billion.

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Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion back on track

Depressed prices for Canadian heavy crude oil cost Canada's energy industry C$20.6 billion in foregone revenues.

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Small number of First Nations thwarting opportunity for many more First Nations

Next week, Ottawa will make a decision on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

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Trans Mountain decision comes at critical time for Canada’s energy sector

The Trudeau government’s proposed Bill C-69 and Bill C-48 will impose further barriers to energy development.