unemployment rate

Memo to the White House—if it matters, measure it

The Fraser Institute motto is a constant reminder of the importance of measuring the effect of government policy interventions on people’s lives.

Minimum wage hikes negatively affect employment: new evidence

Study found that increasing the minimum wage reduced the employment rate among low-skilled workers by 5.6 percentage points.

Quebec’s deep-rooted fiscal problems need a big fix

There are times when a problem can be solved with a small fix and perhaps a little tinkering. And there are times when a big fix or fundamental reform is needed. Quebec’s government finances fall into the latter category.

Ontario's financial woes a problem for all of Canada

Lost in the current flurry of Ontario’s election campaign is the one key issue facing the province, and indeed all of Canada: Ontario’s laggard economic performance is dragging down the national economy.

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The problem of unemployment has been the subject of a number of past Fraser Institute studies. This study attempts to get an analytical handle on this crucial issue by focusing on the relationship between the unemployment situation in Canada and that in the United States. In particular, persistently high rates of unemployment in Canada are analyzed in the context of the divergence of Canadian/U.S. unemployment rates in more recent years.

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