wind turbines

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‘Renewable’ energy can’t replace fossil fuels

Solar panels contain a variety of toxic chemicals including lead.

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Cold hard facts—wind power no substitute for fossil fuels

Government support for renewables in Canada will leave power grids more susceptible to blackouts.

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Wind and solar power—the myth of ‘green’ energy

To preserve their “green image,” powerlines are often buried, adding to the cost and environmental impact.

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Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy deserves credit for a number of courageous policy decisions during his presidency. Bringing France back into the NATO military command structure, leading NATO into and through Libya, challenging the West to get serious about Iran’s opaque nuclear program, and staying the course in Afghanistan despite the war’s unpopularity all come to mind. But building windmills off the Normandy coast doesn’t fall into that category. This is a bad idea for at least two reasons.