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Personal Tax Freedom Day Calculator

Use the Personal Tax Freedom Day calculator to determine the day you stopped working for government and started working for yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Household Head - Refers to the the eldest non-dependent adult in a family. (For example, if a female aged 34 lives with her 33 year-old husband, and her 70 year-old mother whom she takes care of, the head of the household would be the female spouse).

Days worked are based on a 365 day calendar as opposed to a calendar of 260 days (which corresponds to 5 work days a week).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does my Personal Tax Freedom Day differ from the one that The Fraser Institute announced for my province?

A: Tax Freedom Day examines the total tax burden of a specific group of people in each province, namely families of two or more individuals with average income for the province. Personal Tax Freedom Day is designed to provide a Tax Freedom Day estimate for many different types of families and individuals. For Canadians who do not fit into the specific group mentioned above, Personal Tax Freedom Day provides a more accurate calculation of their total tax burden. Even families that belong to the aforementioned group can get a more specific tax burden estimate by using the Personal Tax Freedom Day calculator because the Tax Freedom Day calculation is an average of the information from the many types of families that comprise this group.

Q: What types of income do I include?

A: Pre-tax income from: employment (wages and salaries), farming, self-employment, interest, dividends, private pensions (a company or civil service pension for example), government pensions (CPP or QPP), old age pension (OAS and GIS), and other government transfers (welfare and EI payments for example).

Q: What types of taxes are included?

A: The Personal Tax Freedom Day calculator, like Tax Freedom Day, includes all taxes from all levels of government that Canadians pay. This includes: income & sales taxes; liquor, tobacco, amusement & other excise taxes; automobile, fuel, & motor vehicle licence taxes; CPP/QPP and EI contributions, medical & hospital taxes; property taxes; import duties; profit taxes; and natural resource levies.



If you have any suggestions for improving the Personal Tax Freedom Day calculator or concerns regarding the output, please contact the development team.

This version of the Personal Tax Freedom Day calculator will produce different results than previous versions because the new version has a different base year and makes use of a new sample from Statistics Canada. The Personal Tax Freedom Day calculator is always built using the most current and accurate information available.

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