Automation and the Future of Work and Welfare

Automation and the Future of Work and Welfare

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About the Webinar

Technological advances have always eliminated particular jobs and led to greater jobs. Yet with the advent of discoveries like self-driving cars, many are asking whether this time is different. And, specifically, whether proposals like universal basic income will be necessary to keep low-skilled workers afloat in the new economy. This talk considers the economic past and the future of work in light of our humanity and our dignity as persons.

This is a previously recorded webinar. The recording includes a 30-minute presentation followed by a 15-minute question and answer period by LIVE attendees. If you are interested in attending one of our upcoming webinars, look under the Upcoming Events tab.

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About the Speaker

Victor Claar

Victor V. Claar, Ph.D., teaches economics at Florida Gulf Coast University, where he holds the BB&T Distinguished Professorship in Free Enterprise. His books include Economics in Christian Perspective: Theory, Policy, and Life Choices and The Keynesian Revolution and Our Empty Economy: We’re All Dead. Professor Claar is an elected member of both the Mont Pelerin Society and the Philadelphia Society.

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