Is Capitalism Sustainable?

Is Capitalism Sustainable?

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About the Webinar

Mar 4, 2023
12:45pm PST/3:45pm EST

Market advocates claim that capitalism harnesses self-interest for the common good. But in a democracy, public choice theory suggests that capitalism has a strong tendency toward cronyism. Dismissing this objection by saying “That’s not REAL capitalism!” misses the point, which is capitalism is unsustainable. Join Michael Munger as he addresses this critique.

This webinar will include a 30-minute presentation followed by a 15-minute question and answer period where attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the presenter.

Incentives matter! Because of this: Canadian students, and students studying in Canada, who complete the follow-up survey will receive a completion certificate that can be used to bolster their professional portfolio or LinkedIn profile and a $10 Amazon gift card for book purchases.

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About the Speaker

Michael Munger

Michael Munger is Director of the PPE Program at Duke University. He was previously at the Federal Trade Commission, Dartmouth College, University of Texas, and University of North Carolina. Munger has served as president of the Public Choice Society, and editor of the journal Public Choice. His most recent book is The Sharing Economy (2021), Institute for Economic Affairs.

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