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Transportation Performance of the Canadian Provinces

Type: Research Studies
Date Published: October 22, 2008
Research Topics:
Transportation & Infrastructure

The primary purpose of a transportation system is to provide the accessibility through which individuals and businesses can exercise mobility. That is, transportation systems provide the accessibility by which people get to jobs and recreation, trade in goods and services, interact with other regions, and develop land. A region's transportation system is a critical factor in its economic viability. The extent, use, cost, and impacts of transportation systems are often considered key "factors of production" in facilitating growth and economic health. In short, transportation systems provide a key base on which the economy of a nation rests.

Recognizing the importance of transportation performance to the economic health of the provinces, this study compares the 10 provinces on transportation system performance. The intent is to improve transportation performance nationwide by establishing key baseline information that can be used to track performance over time.

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