GHG emissions

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Politicians clueless about implications of ‘net zero’ crusade

Electricity satisfies only a modest slice—roughly one-fifth—of Canada’s total primary energy demand.

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Another federal mandate, another increase in costs

The government plans to raise the cost of what the government purchases.

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Quebec creates its own state-sponsored environmental problems

Since the 1960s, the steel industry has been the recipient of provincial government largesse.

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Net-zero—the pathway to Canadian decline

Our energy mix relies heavily on fossil fuels and we can’t go “net-zero” without cutting our energy use.

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Most other OECD countries have milder climates and higher population densities, which results in lower energy needs.

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The problem with Alberta’s cap is that, like much of the Alberta Climate Leadership Plan, it’s arbitrary.

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Much of the proceeds from the cap-and-trade scheme will fuel more government spending.

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The Alberta government plans to cap greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the province at 100 megatonnes (Mt) annually.

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If producers reduce the emissions intensity of oilsands production by a modest amount, production losses may total two billion barrels of oil between 2027 and 2040.