mining investment

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Yukon should match mining potential with better policy to attract investment

The territory's mining sector tends to pay above-average wages.

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Nunavut’s policy perception is hampering mining potential

In terms of policy factors alone, the territory now ranks 55th out of 62 jurisdictions.

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Government policies frustrating mining potential in Nova Scotia

Wages in the mining-sector are more than 40 per cent higher than the average in all other sectors in the province.

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New Brunswick government can help mining sector satisfy global demand for minerals

The province's mineral deposits include potash, copper, zinc, lead and nickel.

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Mining investors remain worried about Yukon’s disputed land claims

The territory ranked among the world's top 10 most-attractive mining jurisdictions.

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Nova Scotia should seize ‘tremendous opportunity’ for mining

Seventy-five per cent of survey respondents said uncertainty around protected areas was a deterrent to investment.