pipeline construction

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Energy industry losing billions while Ottawa twiddles its thumbs

A high price differential means lower-than-expected royalties for governments.

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In November 2018, Canadian heavy oil was sold at 30 per cent of the value of U.S. oil.

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Trump’s executive order may help Canadian oil industry

President Trump granted permission to TransCanada Corporation to construct pipeline capacity at the border.

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NEB report supports Trans Mountain pipeline expansion

Compared to U.S. crude, Canadian heavy crude traded at a 41 per cent price discount.

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Canada's energy sector missing opportunities due to pipeline shortage

Iraq and Mexico will likely benefit in the race to replace Venezuela’s heavy crude.

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As capital exits Canada, Ottawa continues to push unattractive policies

Washington eased federal vehicle emissions standards and repealed a regulation on hydraulic fracturing.

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U.S. market won't save Canada's oil sector

Canadian exporters face increasing competition from a growing shale oil industry in China.

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Alberta desperately requires regulatory reform

The Notley government imposed a 100 megatonne cap on greenhouse gas emissions from the oilsands.

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Ottawa struggles with Indigenous consultation, stunts resource development in Canada

Bill C-69 would add more uncertainty to Canada’s already onerous regulatory process.