pipeline construction

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First Nations make common cause with petroleum industry in own self-interest

As environmental opposition threatens their royalties and jobs, many First Nations have teamed up with the petroleum industry.

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Trans Mountain expansion good for all Canadians—and Confederation

The oil and gas industry accounts for almost 8 per cent of Canada’s GDP.

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Our national unity pipeline
The courts have been predictably intrusive about whether consultations were done correctly.

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Clouds may be breaking over Alberta’s oil and gas sector

The province’s unemployment rate (as of July) was stuck at 7 per cent.

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Ottawa’s new environmental assessment process creates more confusion and future strife

Bill C-69 overhauls the federal environmental-impact assessment process for resource projects.

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Small number of First Nations thwarting opportunity for many more First Nations

Next week, Ottawa will make a decision on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

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Energy industry losing billions while Ottawa twiddles its thumbs

A high price differential means lower-than-expected royalties for governments.