public education

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Ontario government created own ‘de-streaming’ debacle in schools

By forcing all Grade 9 students to take the same course, teachers must contend with a much broader range of student interests and abilities.

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More money for teachers won’t make public schools better

Provinces should allow parents to use government funding to enroll their children in schools of their choice.

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The school you attend impacts you for a lifetime

As far as unions are concerned, more money is the solution to all things ailing public education.

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Legault government public ‘education’ initiative on electoral reform falls well short

In one variation of the proposal, the current 27 Montreal-area ridings would be reduced to 18.

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Soon, the Wynne government will present its first budget since being re-elected with a majority last June. This will be a critical test, particularly with respect to the bond market and credit rating agencies.

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It’s budget season in Edmonton but Premier Prentice has already announced a five per cent across-the-board reduction in program spending to help deal with an expected $7 billion-plus deficit.

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It’s budget season again, with provincial governments across Canada delivering their annual budgets amid a backdrop of falling commodity prices and provincial deficits. And once again, a mythology surrounding education spending will likely influence spending choices from coast to coast.