Government Spending & Taxes

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The Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister said what?

Per-person spending last year was only $72 short of the all-time high reached during the 2009 recession.

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Eliminating “overpayments" could reduce regional tensions.

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Quebec banned shale gas fracking and tightened rules for oil and gas drilling. 

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For as long as equalization has existed (since 1957), Quebec has always received the largest payment.

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Closing the income gap with the rest of Canada will require Quebec’s government to work to attract more investment.

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The Notley government’s failure to restrain spending is quickly growing Alberta’s debt burden.

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Burlington spent nearly 17 per cent of tax-financed expenditure on “general government.”

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Ontario spends about nine per cent of all revenue on government debt-service payments.

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The expanded CPP’s overall rate of return for workers is a meagre 2.5 per cent.

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