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Without the anonymity of a secret ballot, union organizers may pressure workers into supporting union certification.

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According to new census data, population growth in Calgary has lagged behind the regional average.

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If people like a product a lot, they’ll be willing to pay a lot to get it.

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The government’s growth strategy should be to see to it Canadian firms spend more of their time producing and competing for profit and less of it talking about producing and competing to hit national targets.

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Prime Minister Trudeau’s now-discarded electoral reform campaign promise was ill-conceived.

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Both the NDP and Green Party committed to proportional representation during the 2015 election, with little discussion of the costs of that particular voting system.

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The Fraser Institute motto is a constant reminder of the importance of measuring the effect of government policy interventions on people’s lives.

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Part of the reason for the Great Depression was the Smoot-Hawley tariff established in 1930.

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For much of the post-World War II period, the U.S. auto industry had an effective oligopoly on U.S. sales—quality plummeted and prices soared.

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The U.S. is considering an import tax, of sorts, that would make U.S. exports more profitable and make imports to the U.S. more expensive.

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