alberta oilsands

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Throne speech provides scant details on key Alberta issues

Words are fine things, but they are not deeds.

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The two sides of Rachel Notley

Berman’s views have evolved from sustainable development to “steady extinguishment” of the oilsands.

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Alberta's abandoned wells need tending

More than 150,000 dead or soon-to-be dead wells dot the Alberta landscape.

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Canada's dashed 'energy superpower' dream

A proliferation of regulations and government interventions have dramatically shaken investor confidence.

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Capital investment in Canada’s oil and natural gas in 2017 was down 44 per cent from 2014.

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Trudeau and Notley fiddle while Alberta’s oil sector burns

New maritime rules will further devalue oilsands assets.

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Bill C-48—another brickbat for Alberta’s oilsands

Asia’s demand for oil will increase to an estimated 6.6 million barrels per day in 2040.

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Fort McKay reduced spending and reoriented its business strategy toward income stability.

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Since 2015, the Alberta government has increased corporate income taxes, implemented a carbon tax, and introduced more environmental regulations.

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Alberta dropped from 14th in 2014 to 43rd this year—below British Columbia for the first time.