national energy board

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Bill C-69 retains subjective criteria including ‘gender’ implications of energy projects

Bill C-69 will overhaul the entire assessment process of major energy projects.

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Canada’s growing regulatory morass

There’s an urgent need for regulatory reform, especially in Alberta.

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Latest Trans Mountain greenlight unlikely to end pipeline paralysis

The project would create an estimated 15,000 new jobs in Alberta and B.C.

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Trans Mountain pipeline

The Trudeau government wants another review of the now-nationalized $4.5 billion project.

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Trudeau and Notley fiddle while Alberta’s oil sector burns

New maritime rules will further devalue oilsands assets.

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Bill C-69 would overhaul the assessment process of major energy projects and add new criteria including “gender implications."

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The National Energy Board will assess the Energy East and Eastern Mainline pipeline projects.

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Non-market considerations will play a larger role in determining what the private energy sector can do.