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Corporate Canada betrayed capitalism. Now it has been betrayed

Provisions in the recently passed Bill C-59 mean businesses cannot claim that their products or practices help to protect against climate change or provide other environmental benefits unless they can prove the claims are true.

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Industrial Policy in 2024—another term for socialism?

In a free market, private individuals own the means of production but must take their cues from consumers.

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‘New Socialist Man’ was a selfish corrupt cheat

With no carrots in the form of market incentives, socialist leaders deployed a terrifying array of sticks.

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More capitalism, less government—that’s how you reduce racism

Racism is also costly for the person doing the discriminating.

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Despite best-laid plans, socialism does not create abundance

By the early 1980s, there were 57 Poles waiting for telephone service for every 100 subscribers.

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Young Canadians should learn about the Polish experiment with socialism

In the last 15 years of Polish socialism, life expectancy declined.