economic freedom

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Ottawa’s stifling policies will test optimism of Canadian CEOs

The success of any economy hinges on its institutions including its laws and regulations.

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Oakville teens should learn about communism before promoting it

Seventeen per cent of Canada’s 18- to 34-year-olds believe communism is the ideal economic system.

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Central planning from the inside—an interview with a Soviet-era economist

When more resources are controlled by politicians and the bureaucracy, there's more favouritism and discrimination.

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Estonia’s success demonstrates power of economic freedom

The average Estonian can expect to live nearly eight years longer than the average Russian.

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‘New Socialist Man’ was a selfish corrupt cheat

With no carrots in the form of market incentives, socialist leaders deployed a terrifying array of sticks.

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Singapore is not China—and some U.S. politicians should study the difference

The average Singaporean earns about 30 per cent more than the average American.

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Canada should learn from Singapore’s stunning economic growth

Government spending (as a share of the economy) in Singapore is around 15 per cent compared to more than 40 per cent in Canada.

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Measuring human freedom—Hong Kong plummets to 46th worldwide

Those who live in the freest jurisdictions in the world earn more than three times as much as those in the least-free.