climate action plan

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Trudeau climate plan more fairy tale than science

According to Ottawa's new rules, energy and transportation projects must show “net-zero” emissions by 2050.

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Canada can manage the risks of reopening while pursuing growth and prosperity

The potential climatic warming effect of carbon dioxide was understood by the late-1800s.

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Carney’s climate plans may push oil/gas production from Canada to state-owned firms abroad

Meanwhile, countries with state-owned oil and gas companies such as Venezuela and Mexico will have another way to access capital.

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Climate activists discard the ‘science’ for the extreme ‘unknown’

The economic cost of limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius would probably exceed the benefits.

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Loblaws subsidy underscores Canada's flawed climate plan

Only an estimated 90 per cent of new revenue from the federal carbon tax will be returned to taxpayers.

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Federal 'climate' report uses natural weather events to spark scary headlines

During a warming trend, land warms faster than the oceans.

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Alberta needs less words, more deeds from Premier Notley

This government has saddled Albertans with carbon taxes, carbon-emission caps, coal power plant phase-outs, and more.

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Rational reactions to climate change are undermined by the endless parade of doom-mongers.

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Much of the proceeds from the cap-and-trade scheme will fuel more government spending.