environmental assessment

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Supreme Court decision won’t deter Ottawa’s zeal to regulate provincial projects

The Act expanded the project assessment process to include effects on “gender."

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Fossil fuels—a huge net benefit to humanity

The massive industrialization of the last two centuries dramatically improved the health and life expectancy of humanity.

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Alberta court ruling pushes back on Ottawa’s energy project assessment regimen

The new Act's assessment factors include gender-based analysis and climate change accounting.

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Bay du Nord approval underscores politicization of environmental policy in Canada

The Northern Gateway project passed similar environmental scrutiny but was cancelled by the federal government.

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Canada can promote world peace by reorienting climate policy

Prime Minister Trudeau plans to phase-out fossil fuel use in Canada.

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Soaring pipeline price tag underscores problems with government-run projects

The Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion's cost has increased from $7.4 billion to $21.4 billion.