health-care costs

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Hospital reform would improve care for Canadian patients

Our current system disconnects funding from the volume and quality of services.

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Ottawa should empower provinces to generate health-care funding

Premier Ford wants the federal government to cover 35 per cent of health-care costs, up from 22 per cent.

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Canadian health care performs poorly compared to other countries worldwide

Canada ranked second-last for acute care beds with 2.1 beds per thousand people.

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COVID is superspreading convenient health care

Canadian health-care authorities must revisit rates of reimbursement for virtual visits.

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Canadians should know how much we pay for health care

The average Canadian can expect to pay $4,894.

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Private clinics could help Alberta reduce health-care wait times

An estimated 22,000 cancelled elective surgeries were put on hold in Alberta.

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More money for health care—careful what you wish for

Ottawa currently provides $40.4 billion to the provinces via the Canada Health Transfer.