national childcare

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Federal government wreaking havoc on P.E.I. child care

Many families in the province are struggling to find child care.

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B.C. experiencing child-care crisis despite government claims

The government has pumped huge amounts of money into inflating demand for licenced child-care spaces.

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Ottawa touts wait lists for dysfunctional child-care program

Only public and non-profit providers have access to the billions in government grants.

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Federal government wreaking child-care havoc across Canada

Some daycare centres are shutting down their operations.

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Support for new federal programs collapses when Canadians have to pay for them

The national daycare program will cost an estimated $7.9 billion annually by 2025/26.

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Ottawa should heed lessons from Quebec daycare experience

Quebec’s blanket policy helped everyone including parents from high-income households.

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Trudeau government pushes national childcare onto premiers’ plate

Budget 2021 includes $30 billion over five years for national childcare.