new brunswick finances

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Tax burden on New Brunswickers—high and rising

The average family in the province earning $112,418 will pay $49,623 in total taxes.

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New Brunswick government should cut corporate welfare to generate tax relief

Provincial government subsidies total more than $100 million per year.

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New Brunswick stays the course with surplus and tax reductions
The province will record a $40 million budget surplus this year.

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New Brunswick government can fulfill promise to lower taxes in upcoming budget

The province’s business tax rate is higher than rates in all provinces outside Atlantic Canada.

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Mainers make considerably more than New Brunswickers

The province's median earnings were $29,323 compared to $41,341 in nearby Maine.

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New Brunswick Premier Higgs tops among peers on spending and tax policy

The Higgs government created fiscal room to reduce taxes in New Brunswick.

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P.E.I. should follow New Brunswick’s lead on fiscal policy

During Premier King’s tenure, spending has grown on average by more than 9 per cent annually in P.E.I.