oil pipeline

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Death of Keystone increases risk to people and the environment

Oil moved by rail is 4.5 times more likely to experience some kind of accident in transit than oil moved by pipeline.

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Line 5 shutdown would be devastating for Quebecers, Ontarians and the environment
The pipeline carries approximately 540,000 barrels of oil and natural gas liquids to refineries in Ontario.

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Keystone XL—perhaps Canada’s last great pipeline project

Some people still understand petroleum's role in the prosperity of modern societies.

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Biden’s Keystone cancellation another blow to Canada’s energy sector

The Trudeau government has increased uncertainty in the project approval process.

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We need a new federal approach to the oil industry

The Trudeau government’s national carbon tax will increase costs in the petroleum manufacturing sector by 25 per cent.

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Don’t be fooled by ShutDownCanada or misleading claims from dishonest activists

The elected band councils signed agreements in support of the pipeline.

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Trudeau government sits idle as pipeline obstructionists wage war

The Trudeau government declined to provide evidence or challenge the law suits.

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Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion back on track

Depressed prices for Canadian heavy crude oil cost Canada's energy industry C$20.6 billion in foregone revenues.

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Energy industry losing billions while Ottawa twiddles its thumbs

A high price differential means lower-than-expected royalties for governments.