standardized tests

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Provincial governments should strengthen—not weaken—standardized testing in schools

Today's tests place less emphasis on subject-specific knowledge than they once did.

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Despite opposition from activists, B.C. parents value standardized tests

Only 14 per cent of B.C. parents opposed standardized testing, with only five per cent strongly opposed.

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Eight in 10 Ontario parents support standardized testing—the teacher unions don’t

Ontario closed schools for 20 weeks between March 2020 and May 2021.

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60% of Grade 10 students in B.C. not proficient in math

Standardized tests measure student academic progress—but also help measure teacher performance.

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Don’t scrap vital student assessments based on union complaints

Parents need reliable information based on data to make informed decisions about education.

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Provincewide testing key to improvement in B.C. schools

Those responsible for the delivery of education must be dedicated to continuous improvement.