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Ontario government’s smartphone restrictions in schools don’t go nearly far enough

Even the simple presence of a smartphone can reduce a student's cognitive abilities.

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Nova Scotia shouldn’t lower standards to address teacher shortage

It makes sense to enhance the teaching practicum while reducing the number of education courses.

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Schools must allow teachers to regain control of their classrooms

Teacher unions appear more interested in pushing woke ideology and social justice activism.

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Teachers should prioritize teaching over union activism

In Canada's government-run schools, union membership is mandatory.

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Training teachers—education courses are basically useless

It makes sense to create an alternative certification process that focuses on classroom practicum.

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Provinces should fast-track teacher certification

University programs for prospective teachers are filled with useless courses that often focus on woke propaganda.

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Ontario government has failed to fix math education in the province

The Toronto school board wants to lift the “veil of objectivity” from mathematics.

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Useless classroom fads turn students into guinea pigs

The B.C. government recently revamped its provincial curriculum to reflect a "student-centred" approach.

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Teach students how to think—not what to think

Students are sometimes labelled “privileged” or “oppressed” based solely on their skin colour.

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Instead of doing more, schools should do less

Time spent monitoring students as they brush their teeth is time that cannot be spent teaching the academic basics.