academic achievement

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School boards need leaders who focus on education not politics

Schools should help students master the academic basics, acquire life skills, and become responsible citizens.

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Ontario’s ‘discovery math’ disaster underscores need for renewed focus in schools

In 2022-23, only 50 per cent of Grade Six students met provincial standards in math.

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Student performance on the wane in B.C.

The more students know about a topic, the more likely they’ll be able to understand what they read.

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One-size-fits-all approaches don’t benefit all students

In Ontario, the government has combined academic and applied math courses.

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Instead of doing more, schools should do less

Time spent monitoring students as they brush their teeth is time that cannot be spent teaching the academic basics.

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School boards should focus on academics and order

In London, the district’s director of education wants to reduce the number of student suspensions—despite violent incidents.

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Student testing in Canada requires much-needed reform

Quebec students have consistently outperformed their peers in all other provinces.