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    We are pleased to announce the winners of The Fraser Institute’s 2014 Student Essay Contest which explored the topic: The rise of crony capitalism: how government and business gain at the taxpayers’ expense.

    Graduate Category

    1st Prize ($1,500)
    The Effects of Crony Capitalism – Alias: Government Intervention
    By Channce Fuller, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta
    Harvard Business School, MBA

    2nd Prize ($1,000)
    Crony Capitalism: Big Three Telecom in Canada
    By Michael Weinberger, London, Ontario
    University of Edinburgh, LLB

    3rd Prize ($500)
    Crony Capitalism in a World Economy: Crony Funds with Chinese Characteristics in Canada
    By Joseph, M.G. Nicolai, Vancouver, British Columbia
    Simon Fraser University, M.A. in Communications

    Undergraduate Category

    1st Prize ($1,500)
    Crony Capitalism
    By Matthew Lau, Toronto, Ontario
    University of Toronto, BCom in Economics and Finance

    2nd Prize ($1,000)
    Obamacare: Capital, Crony, or Phony?
    By Ruth E. Van Sandt, Circleville, Ohio
    Ohio Christian University, BA in Management/Finance

    3rd Prize ($500)
    Crony Capitalism: The Nigerian Story
    By Chinonso Calistus, Onah
    University of Nigeria, BA in Physics

    High School Category

    1st Prize ($1,500)
    Scratch out the “Capitalism” – “Crony” Suffices
    By Yi Zona Xu & Katina Zheng
    Glenforest Secondary School, Mississauga, Ontario

    2nd Prize ($1,000)
    The Rise of Crony Capitalism and the Decline of Nations
    By Hasaan Munim
    Marquette University High School, Brookfield, Wisconsin

    3rd Prize ($500)
    How Crony Capitalism Dictates the U.S. Economy
    By Tri Le
    Marist High School, Bayonne, New Jersey

    Some of the winning essays will appear online in an upcoming issue of our student magazine Canadian Student Review.

    2015 Application Rules (pdf)

    For more information call: 1-800-665-3558, ext. 526 or email student@fraserinstitute.org

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