Canadian Student Review: Fall 2016

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In this issue:

‘Consensus’ on Climate Change Stifles Debate Surrounding Public Policy
by Kyle Sholes
A critique of the misuse of consensus-based rhetoric in public policy debates.

The Quote Wall
Greg Ip
Ip on danger and risk-taking in today’s society.

Red tape drives Canada’s housing affordability woes—not foreign buyers

by Kenneth P. Green, Steve Lafleur, Josef Filipowicz
A breakdown of the factors causing Vancouver’s housing costs to skyrocket in reference to the recent foreign homebuyer’s tax.

Politics Instead of Economics—How Political Considerations Drive Increased Infrastructure Spending
by Matthew Lau
An economics-based approach to government infrastructure spending.

The Book Corner
Foolproof: Why Safety Can be Dangerous and How Danger Makes Us Safe
by Greg Ip
An analysis of how the things we create to keep ourselves safe end up posing the greatest dangers.

Venezuela’s tragedy spurred by crony capitalists and socialists who detest free markets

by Fred McMahon
How declining economic freedom in Venezuela can help explain the dire situation the country is currently facing.

Tax Freedom Day 2016
Happy Tax Freedom Day, Canada!
When do you stop working for the government and start working for yourself?

Bad guys in Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ work for the government

by Sarah Skwire
A closer look at Netflix’s latest hit series.

Taxes Versus the Necessities of Life: The Canadian Consumer Tax Index, 2016 Edition

Your family’s largest expense may surprise you.

Equalization Reforms: Consensus and Disagreements

by Milagros Palacios and Kumi Harischandra
A look back at the discussion surrounding how to reform provincial equalization transfers.

Hot Topics
What’s New from the Institute: A discussion on the constitutionality of changing Canada’s electoral system and what changes in modern technology mean for Canada’s broadcasting sector.

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