agricultural supply management

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Prime minister’s threat to grocery chains won’t solve food price problem

A serious approach to food inflation would focus on reducing costs to producers and encouraging greater supply.

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Trudeau government enforces price-gouging for chicken and eggs

Supply management makes agricultural products scarcer in order to inflate prices.

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If Canadians were free to import from the U.S. without paying tariffs, a frozen turkey would cost 15 per cent less.

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Canada can eliminate supply management by following Australia’s lead

Due to Canada’s policy of supply management, Canadians pay much higher prices for milk, cheese, eggs and poultry.

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In renegotiating NAFTA, President Trump wants to end Canada’s supply management system.

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If producers are free to manage supplies, then we get healthy competition and lower prices.

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Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations fail to pressure the federal government to seriously modify the supply management system.

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There are few Canadians who understand agricultural supply management and how it affects their daily lives, which is a major reason why this outdated system has survived. It’s receiving greater scrutiny now, though, because it’s impeding trade agreements.