climate alarmists

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Climate activists target plastics industry with ‘recycling’ theory

We would have only a tiny fraction of modern health-care technologies without plastics.

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Federal government ratchets up ‘climate’ propaganda

The government's polices will prevent the development of oil and gas resources and restrict the economy.

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No evidence to support wild claims of ‘global boiling’

The number of wildfires in Canada has been declining over the past three decades.

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Climate activists continue their confusing crusade

According to new research, methane's impact on global warming has been overstated.

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Combatting misinformation from the misinformation police

The activist group uses one-sided and unimpressive polemicists to constitute an “expert team.”

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Parliamentary Budget Officer just demolished climate alarmism

According to the PBO, the impact of climate change on economic growth will be small relative to other drivers.

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Federal government accepts and parrots climate misinformation

Research shows that the targets and policies favoured by the UN are unjustified.

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Ottawa stoking unfounded climate fears to remake Canada

Claims about increasing weather events are based on mathematical simulations not observed trends.

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Once again IPCC’s math doesn’t check out

Given the discrepancy between models and observations, the IPCC changed the way it handled the warming issue.