global warming

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Net-zero targets neither feasible nor realistic

In 2023 global fossil fuel consumption was 55 per cent higher than in 1997.

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Federal government touts climate ‘crisis’ without sufficient supporting evidence

According to the evidence, very few areas on Earth are experiencing changes in drought severity.

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Climate alarmists want oil and gas sector to embrace own extinction

Policy advocates should reconsider their implausible timelines for emissions reduction.

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No evidence to support wild claims of ‘global boiling’

The number of wildfires in Canada has been declining over the past three decades.

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Climate activists continue their confusing crusade

According to new research, methane's impact on global warming has been overstated.

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The important climate study you didn’t hear about

The atmosphere has warmed at half the average rate predicted by climate models.

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Here’s why climate change is different than other environmental problems

In Canada, ambient carbon monoxide levels fell by 90 per cent from 1975 to 2015.