climate alarmists

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President Biden doubles down on statism

The president scuttled the Keystone XL pipeline and suppressed domestic production of oil and natural gas.

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Doomsday predictions rely on flawed climate models

If governments rely on flawed models, they may overlook policies that could actually mitigate the consequences of our changing climate.

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Chamber of Commerce embraces climate alarmism and attacks businesses in Ontario

The logic of the carbon tax is that it should be the only government incentive.

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Climate targets will make things worse for humanity
The standard climate literature does not justify the Paris Agreement's emission goals.

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Politicians simply ignore cost-benefit analyses of ‘climate’ policy
Unfortunately, the estimated costs of the required emissions controls far surpass the environmental benefits.

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The United States is the exception among developed countries.

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Reality check—there’s no ‘climate emergency’ in Vancouver

Recently, city councils in North Vancouver and West Vancouver declared a “climate emergency.”

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Rational reactions to climate change are undermined by the endless parade of doom-mongers.

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New climate tests are unnecessary since the effects of pipelines and LNG terminals on climate change are negligible at worst and positive at best.

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On May 28th, a new Hollywood blockbuster is poised to unleash a perfect storm of propagandistic gyrations. Like The China Syndrome and Waterworld, “The Day After Tomorrow” is an apocalyptic tale of environmental self-destruction. This time though, it’s not a nuclear reactor or melting ice caps, it’s a sudden ice age -- and we mean like a few days worth of sudden -- caused by human greenhouse gas emissions that trigger the shutdown of a major oceanic current that distributes heat around the globe.