fiscal stabilization

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Ottawa can promote national unity with two key reforms

The economic gap between provinces has shrunk yet equalization payments have continued to increase.

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Pressure mounts to change ‘stabilization’ program and increase payments to Alberta

Alberta received just $249 million in payments despite a revenue loss of $7.2 billion.

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New report notes ‘over-equalizing’ nature of equalization program

Currently, equalization payments increase in line with nominal GDP growth.

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Despite Alberta pleas, Trudeau government maintains ‘stabilization’ status quo

The program offset just 3.5 per cent of Alberta’s year-over-year revenue loss.

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Canada’s ‘Fiscal Stabilization’ program—what is it, and is it working well?

The Trudeau government raised the cap from $60 per person to $170.

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Minister McKenna should re-consider plans for stimulus

Evidence suggests that a 1.0 percentage point increase in spending produces a 0.75 percentage point drop in economic growth.

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Unemployment spike may trigger rethink of EI program in Atlantic Canada and beyond

The rest of the country may not be willing to subsidize Atlantic Canadian seasonal workers like in the past.

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Stimulus spending will likely harm Canadian economy—not help it

Stimulus spending can actually "crowd out" private economic activity.