fossil fuels

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Cold hard facts—wind power no substitute for fossil fuels

Government support for renewables in Canada will leave power grids more susceptible to blackouts.

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Our national unity pipeline
The courts have been predictably intrusive about whether consultations were done correctly.

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Fast-growing developing countries will spur demand for oil for decades

Most estimates show continued growth in oil demand through 2040.

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Policymakers should drop ‘magical thinking’ and get serious about energy

To store the energy equivalent of one 300-pound barrel of oil, you’d need 20,000 pounds worth of Tesla batteries.

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Mayors hope to shake down energy companies

There's no basis for claiming that energy companies secretly concealed knowledge of climate risks.

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In 2014, Vancouver residents and businesses used about 21 million gigajoules of natural gas-derived energy.

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UBC's board of governors has voted against selling off its $85 million stake in fossil-fuel businesses.

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Canada’s federal government has injected yet another syringe full of uncertainty into the country’s oil and gas sector.

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If fossil fuels receive more than $2 billion in annual subsidy, let’s end it. And while we’re at it, let’s end the $800 million to wind producers and other subsidies to green energy.

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Before making largely shambolic gestures using other people’s money, you should consider all the available alternatives.