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Smith government should be cautious in wage negotiations with provincial employees

More than 70 per cent of government workers in the province are covered by registered pension plans compared to 19 per cent in the private sector.

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Ottawa should reject unrealistic union demands as federal strike looms

Government workers in Canada were paid 8.5 per cent more (on average) than their private-sector counterparts.

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Government workers in Quebec enjoy pay premium over private-sector counterparts

Full-time government workers in the province took more time off for personal reasons than their private-sector counterparts.

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Federal government should be skeptical of demands for large pay increases

Government workers across Canada enjoyed an 8.5 per cent wage premium, on average, compared to comparable private-sector workers in 2021.

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Nova Scotia government should target government wages to save money

Government employees in the province retire three years earlier (on average) than private-sector workers.

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Trudeau government must rein in compensation for government workers

Government workers receive 9.4 per cent more, on average, in wages than Canadians in the private sector.

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With a projected $4.3 billion deficit this year and relentlessly mounting debt, the Wynne government needs to better control spending to repair the damage to Ontario’s finances.