green energy

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Federal ‘net-zero’ target puts crosshairs on oil and gas workers

A new study estimates that up to 450,000 oil and gas jobs are at risk.

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Trudeau government should heed warnings from other ‘green’ economic plans

Wind and solar account for only about 8 per cent of Ontario’s electricity output.

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Throne speech may offer fundamental choice to parents about Canada’s future

Borrowing costs could increase without interest rates changing if lenders believe Canada is becoming a bigger credit risk.

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Ottawa has spent billions on its innovation agenda including $950 million to five hand-picked sectors of the economy.

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Policymakers must ditch their fashionable green recovery plans

Green technologies that were known money-losers pre-COVID remain money-losers today.

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Wind and solar power—the myth of ‘green’ energy

To preserve their “green image,” powerlines are often buried, adding to the cost and environmental impact.

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Policymakers should drop ‘magical thinking’ and get serious about energy

To store the energy equivalent of one 300-pound barrel of oil, you’d need 20,000 pounds worth of Tesla batteries.

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Eco-group presents a few strawmen and two red herrings

Gasoline would need to rise to $2.30 per litre.

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Eliminating ‘GreenON’ program will save taxpayer money

Individuals are actually better decision-makers than government planners seem to believe.