housing demand

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Manitoba’s gap between homebuilding and population growth widest in 40 years

Last year the province's population increased by 4.6 new residents per home built.

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Ontario’s pace of homebuilding lags far behind population growth

The federal government continues to roll out new programs aimed at making it easier to buy homes.

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Alberta’s gap between population growth and new homes has never been wider

In 2022, Alberta’s population grew by 164,793 people, dwarfing the 29,837 new housing completions.

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Canada’s gap between homebuilding and population growth has never been wider

In 2022, the country's population increased by 4.7 people for every new home built.

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Homeownership critical to solving Indigenous housing crisis

Homeowners generally have a stronger incentive to maintain their residence than renters.

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Canadian cities are getting denser—but mostly in handful of neighbourhoods

From 2016 to 2021, more than one-quarter of city neighbourhoods lost more housing units than they added.

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Rent control wrong answer for Calgary’s rental woes

The profit motive is precisely what leads people to build the housing in the first place.