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Nova Scotia lags behind most other provinces on employment income

A lower employment rate also has implications for government finances.

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Amid cost-of-living crisis, Nova Scotia’s government daycare failing families

The government promised to add 1,500 spots by the end of 2022, but instead added just 400.

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Corporate welfare for Michelin—another example of wrongheaded policy

In 2017, the provincial government spent $310 million on corporate welfare.

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Nova Scotia government abandons any semblance of fiscal responsibility

The budget projects a deficit of $278.9 million this year.

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Nova Scotia government should eliminate hidden tax hike in upcoming budget

Most governments across Canada have recognized that it’s unfair to collect additional tax revenue on salary adjustments.

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Nova Scotia government should acknowledge attitude towards taxes in the province

The available data suggest that many Nova Scotians would like to see their taxes reduced.

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Nova Scotia government should avoid another debt binge in upcoming budget

According to projections, the province’s debt will equal $17,685 per person.

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Middle-income earners in Nova Scotia face higher tax rates than other Canadians

At the national average income level, Nova Scotians face a provincial tax rate of 14.95 per cent on the next dollar they earn.