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Canadians paying implicit tax for ‘Canadian content’ entertainment

The Trudeau government wants online streaming services to operate under the same rules that apply to traditional broadcasters.

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Still moving toward markets 30 years after the Berlin Wall

Eastern Europe's socialist economies opted for different paths to market liberalization.

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Back then, many countries including Germany, Japan and the United States embraced List’s tariff walls.

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The U.S. wants to diminish the WTO’s ability to settle trade disputes.

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In a $19 trillion economy, the loss of a $70 billion industry just isn’t that big a deal.

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Canada invented contingent protectionism back in 1904, so we’re not exactly innocents in this area.

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President Trump seems to be taking a 1930s-style beggar-thy-neighbour approach to trade.

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Years ago when I lived in Victoria and manned a small office, a salesman wandered in and tried to sell me his particular photocopier. He noted my current machine was Japanese but his was Canadian. So obviously, I should support Canadian jobs and lease his made-in-Canada brand instead.

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Ever since Berkshire Hathaway Energy announced it would buy up Calgary-based AltaLink Ltd (an electricity transmission company with 12,000 kilometres of power lines), the predictable protectionist sentiment ramped up.

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The ongoing debate over the three Canadian telecommunications giants and the possibility of U.S-based Verizon entering the Canadian market has once again brought consumer issues to the fore.

I shall beg off addressing that particular issue it has been covered in detail by others, but the fact so many have passionate views is a reminder that consumer issues matter. This is unsurprising, given that almost everyone outside of some fellow in a remote cabin in North Korea is a consumer. Almost everyone then has an interest in such pocketbook issues.