James Bissett

Former Executive Director, Canadian Immigration Service Mr. Bissett is a former Canadian Ambassador with 36 years of service in the government of Canada. He was the Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and Albania, and High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago. From 1985 to 1990, he was the Executive Director of the Canadian Immigration Service. During this period, he served on the Prime Minister's Intelligence Advisory Committee. Upon leaving the Public Service in 1992, he was employed by the International Organization of Migration as their Chief of Mission in Moscow. He worked in Moscow for five years helping the Russian Government establish a new Immigration Service and draft new Immigration legislation and a new Citizenship Act. During this period, he was in Chechnya helping evacuate and find accommodation for refugees fleeing the civil war there in 1994. Since his return to Canada in 1997, Mr. Bissett has acted as a consultant to the Government on a number of immigration issues. He was a regular panelist on the now-defunct Public Broadcasting System (PBS) TV Program, The Editors, and is a regular contributor of articles to Canadian newspapers.