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When you’re in a recession, one of the key signs is that employment is either stagnant or falling.

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Some countries have high domestic levels of innovation but unequal outcomes while others have lower domestic levels of innovation but more egalitarian outcomes.


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While all three party leaders tried to assure us that they are best able to guide us through an uncertain economic world, all missed the fundamental point that Canada is a small open economy.

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Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall’s call for changes to Canada’s system of equalization makes an overview of that system timely.

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Canadians with lower incomes already have access to comprehensive drug coverage. So why are some calling for a national drug program?

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There’s increasing evidence of a relationship between entrepreneurship and age. Younger people are less risk-averse than older people, and more prone to question the status quo. These characteristics are fundamental to entrepreneurism. So how can government influence entrepreneurship to mitigate these demographic effects?

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"Income tax has made more liars out of the American people than golf," said the American humourist Will Rogers. Indeed, but let’s not stop there. In Canada, debates over taxes, government and civilization lead some journalists and others into the land of make-believe, this by setting up straw men to knock down.

For example, consider a recent CBC story headlined "Not all business people hate taxes - but just try to get them to admit it."

To which one can only say: This is news?