income inequality

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Atlantic Canadian incomes significantly lower than New England incomes

An income gap of thousands of dollars per year makes a big difference for living standards and quality of life.

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Initiatives to equalize everyone will only result in disorder

When government gives some people the right to take things from other people, the powerful often do the taking.

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Freedom and equality for women and minorities—the real history you may not know

Progressive economists sought to exclude “unfit” workers—mostly women and minorities—from the labour market.

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We do not need a wealth tax

At the end of 2019, household net worth in Canada stood at $11,876 billion compared to $622 billion for corporations.

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CEO pay—when the deserve it, and when they don’t

Of the top 100 CEOs in Canada in 2007, five years later only 32 remained in the top 100.

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Beware, budget deficits can increase inequality

Government debt redistributes resources from the entire population to the wealthy holders of the debt.

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Global inequality—it ain’t what it used to be

On the planet as a whole, inequality has fallen dramatically.

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The reality of inequality is in the United States

Many households, especially those at the bottom of the income distribution, receive government transfer payments.